Picking the right defensive driving course is key. 3 years ago I watched National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course and it was great; I learned a lot. This year I cheaped out and watched one from the American Safety Council and it was awful. All power point slides, lots of clicking. The NSC one was much better… » 7/01/14 12:11pm 7/01/14 12:11pm

Are we left to assume that a more mature Charles Xavier results from his experience in the new timeline and is able to guide Jean through the Phoenix issue? I can imagine her not dying (as a result of X2 events not happening) but she would still have this immense power, right? » 5/27/14 11:16am 5/27/14 11:16am

Thank you. It took a lot of scrolling to find a response like this. I will also wholeheartedly admit to being overly cautious. The term "generally regarded as safe" ie GRS, which covers all of our GM seeds as well as food additives, does little to quell my worries about GM foods, pesticides, artificial colors, etc. If… » 4/22/14 6:53am 4/22/14 6:53am